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Vape Pens.

The best vape pens for e-liquids in 2019 are here! A quality vape pen should be powerful, reliable, discreet, and stylish. The best pens and vaporizers take quality to the next level and make a name for themselves by standing out for their innovations in technology, an evolving form factor, and their simple reliability. The modern styling of the best devices blends current trends with ergonomics. The devices today are much smaller and far more powerful than the vaporizers that were popular just a few years ago.

Vape Pen: Why Use One?
Think, for a moment, about the modern cell phone. Sleek. Thin. Pocket-able. Ultimately portable, but always capable to do what you need within moments. These are the same design principles that drive pen-style vaporizers. They are casual, convenient, quick, simple, and can always be carried on your person. Whenever you need it, it is at your side, ready to go. Wherever you are, you a simple press of a button away from relaxation and flavor. If all this fantastic convenience is not enough reason to choose one of these devices, it certainly is more than worth saying that they definitely tend to be quite affordable compared to their larger plug-in style counterparts.

FAQ’s About Vape Pens
1. How long will it take my vape pen to charge?
There are a few things to consider when we talk about charge times. The capacity of your battery cell describes how much electricity it can safely hold. A 1500mAh battery will hold roughly half the power available in a 3000mAh cell. This means that a larger battery will typically require more time to charge. The rate at which your device is charging is also an important factor to consider. As battery safety has improved with technology, our charging rates have also improved. Many devices charge at <1 Amp while “quick charge” functionality brings the rate from less than one to a range of 1 to 2 Amps. The length of time it takes for your battery to charge is determined by the equipment you are using. Each device will be slightly different. The initial charge session will typically be 20 to 40% longer than the average charge time.
2. Should I charge my vape pen battery overnight?
Waiting for a dead battery to charge can be one of the most frustrating parts of vaping. It’s hard to deal with downtime, and while it can seem like a great idea to charge your vape overnight, you may be doing more damage than you realize.

Vape Pens
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